How to Change a Deadbolt Lock in a Metal Door

Landlords typically have to change the door lock in a very front entrance as a result of on tenant that moves out, and a brand new one moves in, as a safety measure.


Whether or not the door is metal or wood does not create a lot of distinction,becauses the holes you need for the new door lock are already there and and there is no need to drill other holes. In fact, the procedure is somemtimes easier if the door is metal, since there is no chance of it swelling and binding the previous bar.


Things You Will Need

  • 1/8-inch hex wrench
  • Phillips screwdriver

Here`s how to do it:

Remove the rosette from the bar on the within of the door. The rosette is that the spherical cowl, and it has always prevailed with a nut that you simply loosen with a 1/8-inch hex wrench.

Unscrew the 2 screws you see behind the rosette with a Phillips screwdriver. you ought to then be able to pull the 2 halves of the lock mechanism apart.

Unscrew the bolt from the sting of the door frame with a screwdriver. When removing the screws that hold it, pull it out of the door.

Slide the bolt for the new lock into the opening and drive the screws that came with it into the holes to that the recent lock was hooked up.

Hold the keyed 1/2 the lock mechanism on the skin of the door and insert the pin through the gap within the center of the bolt mechanism. work it into the gap within the partner of the lock and push the 2 halves of the lock along.

Feed the 2 machine screws that came with the bar through the 2 holes within the within 1/2 the lock mechanism. Align the skin 0.5 so the screws work into the rib inserts, then tighten each screws with a screwdriver.

Fit the rosette onto the within 1/2 the lock mechanism and secure it by alteration the set screw.

TIP: Buy the same brand of deadbolt that was previously used because they will have the same dimensions. Different brands have different dimensions.

You don`t really need to remove a rosette. If there are two scews on the inside of the door, you can unscewy them and separate the lock.

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